Adam and Natasha

Adam & Natasha are a couple really close to our hearts, gorgeous inside and out with such a lovely energy. They married at The Granary in April and this is Adam’s take on the day – we absolutely love what he had to say about their wedding at The Granary!

So tell us how you met and all about the proposal…

Tash and I met at work. On the first day, I was getting system training from her and I emailed a guy that I knew (who also worked there) saying, “I am going to marry this girl, she is well fit”. Genuine story.

We started “dating” a few months later and for the biggest cliché in the world… the rest is history!

I proposed in December (not at Xmas or Boxing Day or New Year’s). It was at home, in pyjamas –  wine, Harry Potter movie, dogs. Just as Tash has always said she wanted it.

I went upstairs and came back with the ring. One knee. Champagne. Back to Harry Potter.

What were your hopes for your big day? i.e. things that you really wanted to happen

We just wanted it to be really chilled and a family feel. No pressure, no stress. Everyone doing their thing and enjoying themselves. That was it!

Why did you choose The Granary as your venue?

As soon as we saw it, we thought it was for us. The ceremony, reception AND accommodation, all in one place? Ideal!

Then, we met Charlotte (and Kaci as well) and the decision was made immediately. I cannot recommend Charlotte and the team enough. She was incredible, from start to finish! SOOOOOOO chilled. Just no stress with anything. Finances, deadlines, decisions, going the extra mile. Anything.

The honesty and transparency was perfect and if we asked something, she knew the answer!

The Bride & her Maids…Tell us about the dress, shoes, accessories, how many bridesmaids etc. (everyone always wants to know this!)

We had 4 bridesmaids. They all wore black dresses to go with our classic theme. Different shoulders but the same dresses, with black heels. They looked amazing.
My bride’s dress was massive. Really wide and heavy at the bottom which meant she smashed a vase on the way down the aisle and had to have Charlotte carry her dress around for 2 hours during photos!!!

The Groom and his Groomsmen…. What did the groom wear, who was Best Man?

The groom’s party were the highlight of the day. All in Tuxedos. Black and white. Handsome dudes. The best man was Conner Botterill and he is the greatest human being on earth.

Tell us about the theme for the day…

We had a classic theme. Black and white. With white and green flowers.
It was super plain and simple. Candles. Chill. Calm. Nice.

Flowers, who supplied them and what arrangements did you have?

Charlotte from Wilder Floral in Brixworth. Who, whilst being a great florist, she may well just be the coolest woman on earth. Highly recommended.

Photography – who did you choose and why?

We had our friend do this – Thom Pitt. He did it for £0, as a wedding gift, although he is a professional. It was amazing! He did so well for us. 90% were natural. Some were poses.

The ceremony – tell us about it.

It was stunning. The celebrant was in keeping with our day. Calm, fun, kind.
It was lit by fairy lights and candles. NO PHONES. Was lovely.

I even said the, “I take thee Rachel” from Friends. 😂😂

The Food – what did you eat?!

We had the beef and the risotto. We had some unreal feedback. Usually wedding food is pants but this was top, top-tier food! From an award-winning chef.
Everyone raved about the beef! We also had the Taco Truck which people went crazy for, we ate it out of house and home. Sticky Toffee pudding too.
Finally, the pizza night before and the full English after were incredible! The food, all weekend… was amazing!!! So, so good!

Entertainment….disco, band, fire-eater, singing waiters? Tell us all about it!

We had a DJ/Disco. I made the mistake of not allowing requests. I would DEFINITELY allow this if you are choosing a DJ.


So… you think it would be like a part whereby songs are chopping and changing but it is not the case. They will be cued, and you will keep the dance floor fuller for longer!

What was the highlight of your day?

Walking into the reception was great! Food was amazing. But it would have to be the first dance and dances after, SO much fun!!!!

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to anyone planning a wedding?

Choose Charlotte and The Granary. And, if you do, ask them to put you in touch with me for any advice or questions or worries. I am happy to be an advocate and outside counsel. 😂😂😂