Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2022

As a wedding venue, we’re in a unique position to observe wedding trends and to predict what will be hot (as well as what will not!) for the coming season in 2022.

Here’s our prediction for 2022’s top 5 wedding trends….

The Great Outdoors

Despite a somewhat stunted season in 2021 (thanks pandemic!) we saw a massive increase in couples requesting to hold their ceremony outside. This was partly because couples wanted to keep indoor mixing to a minimum, but also because if the weather conditions are right, an outside ceremony can be so beautiful. With more outside ceremonies happening, couples were starting to see images on Pinterest and Instagram and realise the potential of taking it outside.

At The Granary, we have a beautiful gazebo on our lawn which can be decorated with florals or swags, or however you wish. In 2021 we held a number of outside ceremonies, always with a back-up indoors plan just in case!

For 2022 we predict that as well as outside ceremonies, couples will also request outside dining, either at long trestle tables or picnic style, with blankets for more informal weddings.

All. The. Speeches

If you’ve been to a wedding, like ever, you’ll know that that sitting through the speeches can be tedious (not always, we’ve got great memories of some cracking ones!). We predict that 2022 will see more of them than ever before….

The good news however, is that many couples will do away with the traditional lengthy speech programme in favour of a more informal approach which will include a few words, readings, songs or funny anecdotes from lots of different members of the wedding party. In particular, more brides, mothers of the bride/groom and bridesmaids will take part. Since when did men get to do all the talking?!


Wedding themes in 2021 tended towards lots of pastels and muted tones, with dried foliage such as pampas grass and wheat sheaves a popular choice. For 2022, we predict that some couples will choose bright, jewel like colours such fuchsia pink, teal, electric blue and golden yellows.

Flowers will have a tropical feel, with orchids, birds of paradise, colourful anthuriums and coloured pampas grass.

Pre-Loved Bridal Wear & Décor

2022’s couple are savvy, they want to save money and keep things sustainable so more and more are choosing pre-loved.

Wedding website Rock My Wedding recently launched Recycle My Wedding, a website where couples can buy and sell all things wedding related, from dresses to suits and décor and accessories. They’ve seen an 80% increase in brides looking to purchase a second hand dress.

Pets at Weddings

As a pet friendly venue, we’ve welcomed a fair few furry friends over the years, mostly dogs but a couple of donkeys and a horse too!

This is an enduring trend for 2022 and beyond. Dogs really are part of the family and we expect to see more of them, particularly taking part in ceremonies. Nobody can resist a canine ring bearer!