10 Most Overlooked Wedding Expenses

Planning a wedding involves numerous details, and it’s easy to overlook some crucial aspects. Here are 10 often-forgotten expenses that couples should consider when budgeting for their special day:

1. Wedding Insurance
Don’t forget to protect your financial investment and ensure peace of mind with wedding insurance. It guards against unforeseen circumstances like illness, cancellations, or postponements.

2. Registration Fees
The formalities of making your marriage official come with registration fees including giving notice, registering your marriage or a civil partnership and the marriage / civil partnership licence. Understand the requirements and associated costs for obtaining a marriage license in your local area here: https://www.gov.uk/register-offices

3. Stationery and Postage
Factor in the costs of printing and sending invitations, thank-you cards, and stationery, as they can accumulate to a substantial amount for larger weddings. Consider the weight and size for postage fees. For a sustainable and budget-friendly option, explore the possibility of using paperless invitations.

4. Cake Cutting Fee
Some venues charge extra for cake cutting and serving so check with the venue for any additional fees. At The Granary, all our wedding packages include a cake table and knife, with no extra charges.

5. Corkage Charges
If you plan to bring your own alcohol, be aware of corkage fees. Explore inclusive packages like The Granary’s Ultimate wedding package, covering arrival drinks, wine during meals, and a free bar. It might be a good idea to opt for pre-paid extras such as beer and cider baths, barrels of ale, and cocktail jugs to ensure your guests have a great time.

6. Thank You Gifts and Favours
Small tokens of appreciation for guests can add up. Watch your favour budget and explore budget-friendly, personalised, or DIY options.

7. Transportation Costs
Account for transportation costs for yourself, the wedding party, and guests, especially if ceremony and reception venues are in different locations. Don’t forget that The Granary is licensed for civil ceremonies in both The Grain Store (seating up to 80) and The Barn (seating up to 200) so having the whole wedding under one roof is a great option.

8. Beauty Treatments
Include the cost of professional hair and makeup trials and additional treatments leading up to the wedding day.

9. Printing and Framing Wedding Photos
Don’t forget to budget for preserving memories, whether in printed or digital format. Some photographers charge extra for additional copies and albums, so clarify specifications and quantities beforehand.

10. Updating ID Documents
If you’re changing your surname after the wedding, factor in costs associated with updating ID documents such as driving licences and passports. Ensure you have ordered a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate too.

Planning your dream wedding is like putting together the perfect recipe—every detail matters! Don’t let those sneaky, often-forgotten expenses crash the party. Hopefully, our handy tips will guide you on your budgeting journey, ensuring your celebration is as stress-free and joyous as can be.